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Mercyhurst Preparatory School Library: Research and Writing

Welcome to the MPS Library Writing and Research Page

The Research and Writing page is meant to help guide you through the process of crafting a high-quality academic paper.  You will find information on plagiarism, grammar, sources, correct citation, and navigating the library.  Explore the page.  If you have any questions, come see Mr. Barbour in the library.

Other Library Websites

Erie County Public Library

Visit Erie's library to pick up a book for pleasure, or for your upcoming assignment.  Remember, the Public Library has an interlibrary loan service, so they can probably find a book you're looking for even if it isn't located in Erie.  

Mercyhurst University Library

Mercyhurst Prep is proud of its unique relationship with the university.  No other high school in the area has a university library in its backyard.  There are some special rules for MPS students using the university library.  Nonetheless, it's a great resource of which everyone should take advantage. At the M.U. Library there are thousands of books, journals, and digital resources at your fingertips.  

The Erie County Historical Society

The Historical Society is a terrific repository of primary sources related to the history of Erie.  If you are looking for old newspapers dating back to the founding of our city, out-of-print books about and by noteworthy Erieites, genealogical information, or if you have any questions about Erie, be sure and check out what the Historical Society has to offer.

Identify your Resource Need -- and the best starting place!

Choosing the best search engine!

There's a lot of information out there, and sometimes when you start a paper or project it can all feel a little overwhelming.  The above link redirects you to a search engine that specifically locates materials you need.  For instance, you can search solely for primary sources, peer-reviewed essays, or government documents.  Check it out -- you'll be glad you did.